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The Chief Enterprise Architect is responsible for leading the CITC EA program. Responsible to develop, maintain and govern the architecture across the CITC. The chief enterprise architect is also responsible for defining the enterprise architecture process and architecture review process, as well as for leading the integration of these processes with other related business and IT processes. To ensure that the business strategy, along with any relevant trends, is expressed in the CITC EA processes and systems.

Ensure the CITC business-IT alignment and to ensure and achieve the CITC EA value proposition. Participate/ lead in CAB , ARB and other meetings.

Responsibilities include, but may not be limited to, the following: 

1.       Leading  the development of the CITC enterprise architecture program, guides EA frameworks/guidelines

2.       Communicating CITC EA program, its progress, outcomes and results to the organization and its leaders

3.       Understanding, advocating and supporting the enterprise's IT strategies, as well as analyzing its IT environment to detect deficiencies and recommend improvements

4.       Leading the identification and analysis of the enterprise's business drivers to derive its business, information, technical and solution architecture requirements

5.       Analyzing IT industry and market trends to determine their potential impact ( short term/long term) on CITC

6.       Analyzing the current CITC IT environment to detect critical deficiencies and recommend solutions for improvement

7.       Collaborates with all CITC internal IT functions to promote use of technologies, receive feedback and guide teams to assist in business alignment with technologies.

8.       Promoting the enterprise architecture process, outcomes and results to the organization, including the enterprise's IT and business leaders

9.       Leading and facilitating the creation of governing principles to guide information, technology and solution decision making for the enterprise

10.    Leading the development of an implementation plan for the enterprise architecture based on business requirements and IT strategies

11.    Overseeing the evaluation and selection of hardware and software product standards, as well as the design of standard configurations

12.    Consulting with infrastructure development projects to fit infrastructure to architecture, as well as to identify when it is necessary to modify the technical architecture to accommodate infrastructure needs

13.    Identifying organizational requirements for the resources, structures and cultural changes necessary to support the enterprise architecture

14.    Overseeing the documentation of all architecture design and analysis work

15.    Leading the development and execution of a EA communication and education plan for the enterprise architecture

16.    Consulting on application and infrastructure development projects to fit them to the architecture, as well as determining when it is necessary to modify the technical architecture to accommodate project needs

17.    Designing and directing the governance structure and activities associated with ensuring compliance with the enterprise architecture

18.    Partners with CITC Management to build and ultimately be responsible for driving the implementation of strategic and operational IT architecture objectives with significant impact on the short-term and long-term EA roadmap and objective

19.    Collaborates with peers (Strategic Engagement Leaders primarily) and business stakeholders on both strategic and tactical solutions in support of business needs and direction. Develops and maintains strategic relationships with key partners and technology vendors.

20.    Researches and recommends technology and business process solutions to transform the business and give the company competitive advantage in alignment with strategic direction.

21.    Researches and implements new technologies in partnership with other IT teams and recommends new patterns of technology to apply to the company's business challenges.

22.    Leads, directs and manages accountability for architecture resources with an emphasis on talent management and succession planning in accordance with the IT strategic direction.

23.    Collaborates with all internal IT functions to promote use of technologies, receive feedback and guide teams to assist in business alignment with technologies.

24.    Collaborates & Coordinates EA operations with all CITC internal IT functions/business units(Towers) to promote use of technologies, receive feedback and guide teams to assist in business alignment with technologies.

25.    Works with other IT functions in helping to strategically rationalize IT applications in accordance with the target IT architecture

26.    Accountable for the most complex architecture escalation issues for application development and infrastructure and is responsible for allocating architecture authority levels to all staff within the IT architecture group

27.    Develops and ensures enterprise IT architecture standards, guidelines, policies, and procedures for infrastructure, data interchange, and common applications are used in conjunction with the overall enterprise architecture strategy and target IT architecture

28.    Responsible for running CITC EA office smoothly

29.    Approves changes to Target Architecture and Migration Plan

30.    Provide internal architecture consulting/trainings

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-06-30
Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Management
Company Industry: Telecommunications; IT Services

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
Nationality: Saudi Arabia